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Counselling Service

The Cherwell School Counselling Service

The Cherwell School attends to the well being of students in a variety of different ways. When worries and difficulties build up however students may request some sessions with one of the School Counsellors.

As with other activities within school, students may choose counselling without further permission from parents and are offered a certain level of confidentiality with the understanding that if they or others are felt to be in danger, then parents and carers will need to be informed. If parents have concerns however we are more than happy to discuss this arrangement.

Students can contact the counsellors directly by email or by speaking to tutors or year leaders.

Counsellors Email addresses are shown below and students are welcome to use them for confidential self referral. Students having counselling should be aware that names are sent for the sake of record keeping and health and safety to a small number of pastoral care staff. No records are kept on students personal files however. Content of counselling within safe bounds holds a high level of confidentiality within the service and there are no medical or other records. Confidentiality limits are carefully explained at the start of counselling and students are encouraged to ask about confidentiality if they have questions.


Please speak with your Deputy Year leaders or tutors they can contact counsellors for you.


You can encourage them to be in touch with a counsellor or speak to their Year Leader or Tutor who will help you to decide what is the best thing to do.


  • Are trained and qualified
  • Work in school and are members of staff
  • Are friendly and approachable
  • Listen without judgement
  • Won't tell you what to do
  • Keep it confidential (unless you or someone else is in danger)
  • Can talk to someone on your behalf if you request it
  • Can help you decide if you are unsure what to do


Cherwell School Useful Leaflet

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