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Year Leaders/Deputy Year Leaders

There are seven Year Leaders at The Cherwell School. Their role is to ensure that the School’s values and standards are promoted and maintained throughout every aspect of the school day.

The Year Leaders monitor the progress of each student in their year group and work closely with families to support students throughout their school life. Miss Timms (Deputy Headteacher, Student Experience and Wellbeing), overviews the work of the Year Leaders and holds overall responsibility for excellent standards of behaviour and attendance across the school. Mrs Alexander, Assistant Headteacher has oversight of the Sixth Form and overviews the work of the Year Leaders of Years 12 and 13.

The Year Leaders lead a team of tutors who meet with their tutor groups for fifteen minutes every morning. During this time, students undertake assembly once a week, Tutor activities related to the assembly topic as well as group team building activities whilst tutors are able to spend time with individuals and groups of students to monitor their academic progress and wellbeing.  Any additional intervention needed by individual students can also take during this period of daily tutor time.

The main work of the Year Leader, with the support of tutors and our excellent Deputy Year Leaders, is to monitor the academic progress and pastoral wellbeing of each student. Through this support team, students will be guided appropriately through the key stages of their time with us – for example, transition from Primary School, choosing GCSE Options, advice on work experience placements and post-16 possibilities. Year Leaders, Deputy Year Leaders and tutors will move up the school with their tutor groups, becoming experts in the needs of each particular year, and thus able to offer high quality advice and guidance to each student.

We have teaching Year Leaders supported by non-teaching Deputy Year Leaders. The Year Leaders and Deputy Year Leaders are:

Year Group Role Contact Email Address
Year 7      
Massiah Kerry Year Leader

Mr Kerry  Massiah

Deputy Year Leader

Mrs Sherry Knight

Year 8      
Gmadden resize Year Leader Mr Grant Madden

Deputy Year Leader

Mrs Coralie Goble
Year 9      
Vanda Hodkinson staff photo Year Leader Mrs Vanda Hodkinson
Charlotte Evans 1 Deputy Year Leader

MIss Charlotte Evans
Year 10      
Hbristowcherwelloxonschuk Year Leader Miss Holly Bristow
Kidd janet Deputy Year Leader

Mrs Janet Kidd (Tuesday - Friday)


Miss Gemma Wiggins (Mondays Only)

Year 11      
Hopkins michael Year Leader Mr Michael Hopkins
Wells jacqui Deputy Year Leader Miss Jacqui Wells
Year 12      
Kelbrick fiona Year Leader

Ms Fiona Kelbrick

Fisher helen Deputy Year Leader

Mrs Helen Fisher

Year 13      
Fowler Karen Year Leader

Miss Karen Fowler
Jen howse copy Deputy Year Leader Miss Jennifer Howse


Deputy Year Leaders are an integral aspect of the School’s commitment to supporting every student who joins our community.

As non-teaching members of staff the Deputy Year Leaders are able to work closely with their linked year group in order to implement any support that may be required for students. There are seven Deputy Year Leaders who each work with students in specific year groups. Deputy Year Leaders support the seven teaching Year Leaders.

On a daily basis the Deputy Year Leaders and Year Leaders will monitor the attendance and behaviour of students in their year group. They form a key link between families and the school, as well as being a bridge for our wider links with external supporting agencies.

Please make direct contact with the Deputy Year Leader for your child’s year group should you wish to report absence, have any issues to do with friendship groups or your child’s wellbeing in the school. Deputy Year Leaders liaise closely with Year Leaders and teaching staff, as needed, to ensure that all of our students receive excellent support and pastoral care throughout their time with us.

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