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Examination Results 2019

The Cherwell celebrates excellent GCSE results

The school is delighted with its GCSE results. The vast majority of our students have achieved the grades they need to move forward into the next stage of their education and training. We are very happy for them. We are very pleased that our students have achieved extremely well.  We are delighted with overall levels of progress and attainment with some fantastic performances across the full ability range. 

We have really enjoyed working with this group since they joined us in year 7. They are a special group of people who have offered a great deal to the school.  Thank you to the staff (both teaching and non-teaching) who have supported them all the way through.

GCSE Results  
Number of pupils sitting exams 267
Provisional Progress 8 Score  0.7
Provisional Attainment 8 Score  58.5%
% Basics (4 grade or above in English and Maths) 80%
% Basics (5 grade or above in English and Maths) 64%
% entering English Baccalaureate 51%
% achieving English Baccalaureate (Standard 4+) 44%
% Students 5+ A* to A


% of students staying in education or employment after KS4 92% (2018)



The Cherwell School celebrates excellent A level results!

We are pleased with these A level results which reflect the hard work of students and staff, alongside the invaluable support of parents and carers.

As one of the largest and most successful state funded school Sixth Forms in the country it is rewarding to see so many students having done well right across the ability range This cohort was made up of 292 students and I am so pleased for them and for their teachers.

With results like these our students are well placed to take up their places at universities or their career paths in line with their intentions; they were a special year group, contributed a great deal to the school and have deserved their success.

A Level Results 2019  
Number of A level candidates  292
% Passes A* and A    35.3%
% Passes A to B    60.0%
% Passes A to E    98.5%
Average point score per student (UCAS - new points scale) 134.7
Average point score per student (QCA - new points scale) 126.5


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