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Remote Learning

Remote learning guidance - 5th July 2023 

The school will remain open as normal for students in Year 10  Students will attend to complete their Y10 summer assessments in English and Physics. Students  will be taught their usual lessons for period 3 where their teacher is in school.  Should their teacher be taking industrial action (or absent from work for other reasons) they will have a revision session supervised by SLT . 

School will also remain open to a small number of other students across all year groups. Those students have been contacted individually and invited to attend school. 

The school site will be closed to all other year groups (Year 7, 8, 9, and 12)

During the day of the partial school closure students in years 7, 8 and 9 should follow their normal school timetable for the day and spend the hour for each lesson completing work set remotely. The work has been drawn primarily from Oak National resources and will be connected directly to the content that they are studying for their courses. Students should watch the video and complete any tasks either on paper or digitally.  

The lessons should take students around 45 minutes to complete and they should then have a 15 minute break from their screen before completing work for the next lesson on their normal timetable. We would encourage students to spend no longer than this on the work.

Full details of all the work are in the documents below and will be emailed to students directly 

Year 7 Remote Learning - 5th July

Year 8 Remote Learning - 5th July

Year 9 Remote Learning - 5th July

Year 12 Remote Learning - 5th July

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