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Facilities for Hire

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Covid 19 Supplemental Lettings Checklist Hire Fees 2021-2022


The Cherwell School offers a wide range of facilities for hire.  Please contact the school Lettings Manager to set up a call or a tour to find out which facility would best suit your needs.  All IT support and special access (such as stage use, kitchen use, special parking) must be requested in advance and arranged prior to the hire.


  • Traditional classrooms
  • Art, Music & Drama classrooms
  • Main Hall
  • Indoor/Outdoor Sports Facilities
  • Computer/Network classrooms
  • Meeting/Seminar Rooms


Main Hall – North Site

2 mainhall

With brand new windows and a large seated capacity, our hall is perfect for everything from birthday parties to award ceremonies and productions.    


Assembly style seating for up to 260 audience members

Café seating with up to 20 tables, 8 chairs each

An overhead projector and large screen

Kitchen access (for tea/coffee preparation only)

PA system



Training Room – North Site 

3 Training Room

Multiple furniture configurations can make this facility suit training courses, meetings, workshops, presentations and more.

  • Large space that can be divided into three separate rooms (view of two rooms pictured)
  • Overhead projector(s) and whiteboards
  • Internet access for presentations available
  • Kitchenette access for tea/coffee preparation


Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities

5 Gym14 Gym 2

  • Three indoor gyms across our two sites
  • Outdoor hard court areas suitable for netball or tennis
  • Grass sports fields for football and rugby

Network Classrooms

7 ICT 16 ICT 2


  • Seating for 24-32 pupils
  • Equipped with 30 student computers
  • One teacher computer with a projector
  • Whiteboard

Traditional Classrooms

8 Room 65


  • Seating capacity of 30-32
  • Whiteboard
  • Overhead projector
  • One teacher computer





Art Rooms – South Site

9 Art30


Easy to clean tables set with stools for 30

Natural light from multiple windows

Sinks for washing up


Overhead Projector and teacher computer



Music and Drama Rooms –North & South Sites

10 Room 6711 MU 2

  • Traditional classrooms set for 30 with an upright piano
  • Open space drama studios with complete blackout
  • Drama studios equipped with interchangeable rostra
  • Multiple small practice rooms, with keyboards or upright pianos
  • Overhead Projector and teacher computer


6th Form Centre

12 Entrance to 6th form centre13 sixthform

  • Large open space that can be divided into separate rooms
  • Library/ICT Suite/Study Area/Common Room

The Clubhouse

Nc582MMJhJEymLq qZjsvlYl2n426YbNTgClubhouse 2

With a large car park, private entrance and field access, the Clubhouse hall is a great option for all weekend events, such as birthday parties and sporting events.

  • Recently refurbished and decorated
  • Large, open hall in self-contained building
  • Ample Parking
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Kitchen access for tea/coffee prep only
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