Behaviour for Learning

The following is a summary of the ‘Behaviour for Learning’ rewards and consequences system that we have in place at Cherwell. The system was devised as a result of staff, student and parent feedback regarding behaviour, conduct, organisation and rewards.

Rewards System

Teachers have been asked to recognise achievement wherever possible and celebrate success in all its forms.

  • R1 – Verbal praise
  • R2 – Merit in planner
  • R3 – Commendation – This will be recorded on a central system and letters will be sent home on a weekly basis to congratulate students on their positive contributions
  • R4 – Year Leader Commendation – Certificate awarded to student in assembly
  • R5 – Headteacher Commendation – An invitation to meet with the Headteacher who will award a certificate in person

Each level of reward has a number of points associated with it and the aim is for students to accumulate as many points as possible. Students will have the opportunity to exchange their points for a donation to a charity of their choice or for vouchers. There will also be awards for the tutor groups in each year who gain the most points.

Consequence System

In order to support the learning and personal development of students at the school, we have produced a Behaviour for Learning policy which has been explained to the students in great detail. The aim of the system is to provide consistency whilst develop further the culture of learning within the school.

  • C1 – 1st Verbal warning
  • C2 – 2nd Verbal warning (Year 7 Only)
  • C3 – 45 minute after-school detention. A letter, to be taken home, is given to the student and their student planner signed by the tutor. An email is also sent to parents following any week in which their child had a detention. Students can be given an automatic C3 for a range of behaviours which impact learning, including – lack of homework, lack of equipment, eating in class, inappropriate use of IT, arriving more than 5 minutes late to class without a valid reason
  • C4 – Removal from a lesson followed by 1 day in isolation including break and lunchtime plus 45 minutes after school – students can be issued an automatic C4 for swearing/abusive language at or about an individual, bullying, dangerous behaviour, vandalism
  • Isolation – resulting from incidents outside of the classroom or for multiple C3 (disruption) or truancy
  • A2E – Alternative to Exclusion – parents invited into school to discuss behaviour with senior member of staff. To include isolation and extended detention until 5pm
  • Fixed Term Exclusion – for more serious incidents including smoking on or near the school site
  • Permanent Exclusion – in response to serious breaches of the school's behaviour policy and if allowing the pupil to remain in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of the pupil or others in the school.

It is important to highlight that these measures are in place to help students succeed and we are working with those individuals for whom certain aspects of the policy may be more challenging (for example in relation to organisation and having a suitable environment in which to complete homework). It is also worth noting that the vast majority of students in all years groups behave well and make the very most of the opportunities available to them.

We would like to thank you for your support with these systems. If you have any further queries or concerns, please contact me at or by phone on 01865 558719 South Site ext 307.

Pete Davies Assistant Head Teacher (Whole-school Behaviour for Learning)