Exam Information

Results Information
Please see our results page for information regarding exam results.
Collection of Exam Results
If you are not able to collect results personally, please either:
  • Bring in a stamped addressed envelope with enough postage to cover the size of the envelope.  Results are printed on A4 paper and can be folded so the envelope does not need to be large.  Please specify on reverse of envelope whether it is GCE or GCSE.
  • Below is a link for a  pre-prepared “Third Party Permission” letter of authority.  This can be completed and left with the Exams Office or given to the nominated third party to bring with them on results day.  Please note that without your written permission we are unable to hand out results to a third party.  Third party id is also required.
Year 11 October Revision Evening 2018 - Presentation
Post Results Services Summer 2018
Please click on the link below for details of available post results services.
Examination Certificates
Examination Specifications
The school has a number of policies regarding examinations.  All policies are available upon request.
Information for Candidates