Garden Rooms Plans

The South Site Garden Rooms Project


Cherwell Earth, the PTA, students & staff, have been working with two volunteer parents who are, among other talents, urban and landscape designers, to draw up plans to develop the outside spaces of South Site. We want to increase the aesthetic appeal and make more effective use our under-used and under-loved external spaces. We aim to enhance opportunities for various uses including formal learning, displaying students work, socialisation and relaxation. Plans include the purchase of items such as external Ping Pong tables and extra large Chess sets, so year teams and students can organise competitions or students can just use them to relax informally.

We also want to ensure our outside areas provide spaces where nature can thrive alongside the users of our site and are forming plans for the instillation of bird and bat boxes, insect hotels and planting for habitat & food sources. Our design volunteers have been focusing on how we can increase the aesthetic appeal of our sites through our use of materials, planting and the zoning of the site into themed areas.

We need your help

We are looking to raise money through the Cherwell Development Fund to help us to make this project successful.

The Development Fund is there to support projects that have been identified by students, staff and parents/carers For 2015-2016, our major concerns will be three-fold: short-term indoor projects to improve the fabric of the school building, outdoor projects (such as this one) to improve the school environment, and fundraising for long-term capital improvements to the layout of the school.

We are also looking for support for this project in other ways.

The Plan So Far

Areas still to be planned