The Cherwell School Community make up

The Cherwell School is a comprehensive school in Oxford. It has 1880 students, including a sixth form of 450 students. The school’s catchment area brings in students from a very wide range of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, creating a school community which is unusually diverse in every respect.

Together we mean to work towards a society in which there is:

  • a common vision and sense of belonging by all communities
  • a society in which the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued
  • a society in which similar life opportunities are available to all
  • a society in which strong and positive relationships exist and continue to be developed in the workplace, in schools and in the wider community

Enjoy reading about some of the work our students and staff are involved in.

The inclusive nature of our school has been recognised by the awarding of The Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM Extracts and School Full Report).