Year 11

GCSE Preparation for Exams 2018 V2i

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Year Leader: Mr J Ewen
Deputy Year Leader: Mrs J Kidd

The Year 11 team is committed to the success and achievement of the year group, focusing on supporting all students. We pride ourselves on positive morals; hard work and dedication to ensuring student are able to access schooling life fully.

Year 11 will be very demanding and exciting year, primarily as they will need to cope with the demands of their GCSE’s and secondly specific events such as work experience, year book as well as the Prom will take place all help prepare them for the future. We are very pleased with the attitude and focus of the year group at this early stage of the year and have high expectations for them, both academically and sociably.

We are looking forward to seeing all students achieve their full potential and received not only the grades they want but also leave with a memorable experience.

Maths papers

GCSE Preparation for Exams 2018 V2i