Wider Opportunities

Students are offered many opportunities to contribute to the life and development of the school, for example through the School Council, the Peer Support Scheme, Reading Buddies and Active Citizenship projects.

A wide range of extra curricular activities and school trips and visits is available and we encourage students to participate in this programme. Sport, Music and Drama are all flourishing aspects of the extra curricular life of the school as well as successful curriculum areas, and both our indoor and outdoor facilities support the breadth of opportunity available.

Our three gyms and access to the Ferry Centre facilities and to Oxford Harlequins’ pavilion provide scope for a wide range of team sports and leisure activities. Art, Drama and Music are exhibited and performed to a very high standard with opportunities for students of all ages to participate. Many activities take place at lunchtime and, since the majority of our students cycle or walk to school, many also take place at the end of the school day.