Learn to Lead

Learn to Lead is a programme that enables students to lead projects that make a difference to their schools and wider communities.  Their engagement in such activity helps to transform schools into communities where the interests and abilities of all its members can flourish.

The programme is designed to capitalise on the ideas, energy, abilities and enthusiasm of students working collaboratively with each other and with the school staff.

Teams trained in the Autumn:

Chicken Project: goes from strength to strength – a dinner speaking engagement for the Masons in Abingdon raised £450, supporting new chicken project a in home for street children in Cameroon.

Y8 Debate Team: selected the topics for discussion for the whole term in their first business meeting

Y12 Fundraising Team: first event was a 'tie day' with cake sale, raising funds for John Radcliffe Hospital

Whole School Council: real purpose now to organise the rest of Learn to eadL teams and work through issues from the survey that all students completed