Garden Rooms Proposal

A vision for the outside spaces of our school

PTA, staff and students are working as a team to create a new broader vision for the more effective use of Cherwell’s outside spaces. Our intention is to create a more visually cohesive and attractive school whilst also breaking the site down into ‘zones’ or ‘rooms’ with distinct feels and purposes. We want each of those external rooms to promote opportunities for outside learning, student socialization and relaxation, health (see the summary of a study on the benefits of green space below) and also support of wildlife. Our team have started formulating designs for rooms focusing on drama and music, where students can perform and ‘busk’ at lunchtimes along with other zones focusing on themes such as sports, with emerging visions for improved sports equipment such as multi goals and potentially outside gym equipment. We also envisage lots of spaces for the display of student art so we can increase our capacity to celebrate their successes.

We aim to break the work necessary for this scheme into clear phases, creating a systematic plan for their creation and renovation work one ‘room’ at a time. Our plan is to start work this academic year 2016/17.

We need your help:

The financial climate for schools is very tight and so the PTA need your help to make our vision become a reality and benefit the education of our children. If you feel able to help us either through a financial donation and / or the sparing two or three hours for a planting or make days (no experience required) then please click on the donate button below or e-mail: if you can offer some help planting in the autumn. Together we can make this happen.

The Garden Rooms project aims to:

Enhance the visual appeal and unity of North & South Sites outside spaces;

Improve the facilities to enhance opportunities for outside learning;

Aid students and staff’s health and mental well-being;

Provide spaces to support local wildlife;

Reflect Cherwell School’s innovative, outward-looking and inclusive educational ethos.

Phase 1: South Site Central Garden

Designs for the South Site Central Garden have been redrawn and our aim is to start major hard landscaping works in the summer of 2017 (funds allowing). The space will be of one of the few truly garden areas (focus on planting, seating and student art) on South Site, with subsequent areas focusing on sport and other themes.

If you wish to know more about the aims of the design download the PDF of the scheme booklet.

Calm Zone

Donut Hut Enterprise Zone

Phase Two: The Jack Graham Celebration Garden

The aims of this specific phase:

Jack Graham was a valued member of our school who sadly died of leukaemia last year. To celebrate and remember Jack’s contribution to our school Jack’s friends are restoring and re-imagining the use of an area between the Hall and Sixth Form on the North Site of school. We want to create a calm, seating area that encourages students to stop, chat, relax and enjoy each others company right at the entrance to North Site in what previously was little more than a corridor. We also want to add art in the form of a mural & student sculpture to enrich the space.

If you want to see more of the design aims and ideas for this garden, download the Jack Graham Celebration Garden booklet.