Cycling-Related Activities

Cherwell ‘Go Ride’ Cycle Club

The club meets every Thursday immediately after school on the South Site. All students are welcome. There is a range of fun activities including Bike Polo, cyclo-x, roller sessions, bike skills and grass track. Zappi’s provide qualified coaching support and offer riders the chance to compete nationally and to apply to join their pro-team. We are grateful to Sport England for a grants of £20,000 which has enabled us to purchase bikes for students t train and race on (generously discounted by Summertown Bike Shop). Please bring helmet, gloves and suitable clothing for exercise. In 2013 a group of Cherwell students organised the inaugural Oxford Bike Fest attended by over 400 people. This event is being repeated on July 20th: For further information contact Mr Gray (

Bicycle Maintenance

Cherwell School is keen to promote wider understanding of how to maintain and repair bicycles.

  • The school has a fully equipped bicycle workshop with four workstands.
  • Year 8 students can access a 12-hour introduction course in cycle maintenance
  • In the Base, Alternative Curriculum provision includes wheel building.
  • Year10 students have opportunities to take the VRQ Level 2 Certificate in Bicycle Maintenance.
  • As part of Complementary Studies, sixth-formers have an option to take an introduction to cycle maintenance course

For further information about the club and these opportunities, email Mr Richards (


Zappi’s Cycling Club, in conjunction with British Cycling, provides qualified coaching support for taster cycling activity within PE lessons.

Activity Days

Many Cherwell students have taken part in cycling activities organised by Cycle Oxford during the school’s regular ‘Activity Days’ each July. Activities include cycle speedway, bike polo, cyclocross, grasstrack cycling and cycling skills.

Promoting the sport of cycling

British Cycling teamed up with Cycle Oxford and Cherwell School to deliver the first Go-Ride Racing event in Oxford. The School has been successful in obtaining funding from Sport England to buy Grass Track bikes and as a result are hoping that this will encourage more young people inside and outside the school to take up cycling as a sport. As the leading cycling school in the country Cherwell may prove to be a hotbed for the next Sir Chris Hoy or Victoria Pendleton.

Is your bike safe?

Here is a quick list of things to pay attention to:

  • Brakes: Can you reach the levers when seated on the bike? Are the brake blocks worn? Do the brakes actually stop the bike? Are the cables frayed and do they need tightening? Disc Brakes: Are the cables/hoses in good condition? Are the pads worn? If unsure how to adjust or maintain disc brakes it is sensible to consult a qualified mechanic.
  • Tyres: Are they inflated to the correct pressure? Is the tread worn? Are there any bald patches or cuts/damage to the side walls: if so, replace immediately.
  • Lights: If riding at night or in poor visibility it is a legal requirement that you have a front and rear light.
  • Reflectors: Does your bike have a red rear reflector? By law it should have! It is also recommended that pedals should be fitted with orange reflectors if riding at night, and a front white reflector and orange reflectors in the spokes are sensible precautions. Make it easier for other road users to see you.
  • Chain: On bikes with only a single gear, place a pencil under the chain and lift upwards. If the chain moves more than 2cm it is too loose. On all bikes: check for wear and lubricate – all bikes work better when clean and properly oiled. Saddle: Is it the correct height? Is the ‘minimum insertion’ line showing? Are all the nuts and bolts tight?
  • Handlebars: Are they the correct height? Is the ‘minimum insertion’ mark showing? Do the handlebars move? Are they straight? Does the fork wobble? Do the bars turn freely without restriction?
  • Wheels: Are they buckled? Do they spin freely? Are any spokes loose or damaged?
  • Gears: Do they all work? Ensure chain does not come off or get pushed into the spokes of the rear wheel.
  • Frame: Is there any damage? Does the bike fit you?
  • Pedals: Do they spin freely? Are the pedals complete and undamaged? Are they secure on the cranks? Are the cranks secure and free-spinning?

Where you can get your bike checked/repaired:

Summertown Cycles (200-202 Banbury Road, tel. 316685) is the nearest cycle shop to Cherwell. Low Carbon Wolvercote run a cycle clinic each Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm at Wolvercote Primary School, First Turn, Wolvercote in conjunction with Wolvercote Farmer’s Market . More mechanics are needed! If you have repair skills (or are interested in acquiring them) and can commit to helping out some Sundays, please contact Tim Morris ( Williams (2 Holyoake Road, Headington, OX3 8AE, tel 01865 762 664) does bike repairs and services.


Cherwell School greatly values its collaboration with:

Zappi’s Cycling Club
Worx Bikes
Cyclox: The Cycling Campaign for Oxford
Oxfordshire County Council Travel Plans Team