Careers Information, Advice & Guidance

'Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life' (Confucius)

We spend an average of 40+ years working. Imagine what it must be like to spend that time doing something you dislike or even hate. That’s why having the right information on career choices at the right time can help young people make appropriate and well informed choices about their future.

Career Centre

On this website you will find lots of useful resources and web links that will help you think about your future.

One to One Guidance:

Jason Davis is our careers adviser and his office is located between S11 and Learning Support (in the science courtyard, North Site).

Jason can support your future planning by offer you information, advice and guidance on areas such as Careers, Education (6th form, College, University, other), Jobs, Apprenticeships etc.

To make an appointment, either go to his office, students can tell their tutor/ head of year, or email him.

Careers information online - A-Z of careers - an A-Z of careers and entry requirements - A-Z of careers - career videos (from actual professionals) - career videos (from actual professionals) - Please see Jason for username and password - careers information and development website